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Where are you Oki?

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Oki may no longer sell printers, but 321 Printer Supply LLC will be there to help get the what you need.

You may have questions about the status of OkiData and where to get your printers and supplies. We are here for you and have answers to some of your questions.

Question #1 - Is OkiData still selling printers?

The answer is NO for the Oki Printer sales. Unfortunately, the Pandemic hit Oki Americas very hard. It was forced to shut down its printer manufacturing for North and South America and can no longer sell new printers as of April 2021.

Question #2 - Is OkiData still selling supplies, and spare parts?

The answer is YES for Supplies and Spare Parts sales! Oki has committed to selling their Supplies and Spare parts in the US through a minimum of 2026!

Question #3 - Is 321 Printer Supply still US Spares Distributor for Oki?

No. Unfortunately, after OkiData closed its US offices. After a 30+ year partnership with Jay Dunn, Oki decided to part ways with 321 Printer Supply as their Spares distribution point in March 2021.

Question #4 - Can 321 Printer Supply still provide the Oki Supplies and Spare Parts, despite no longer being Oki’s named distributor?

A resounding YES!! 321 Printer Supply has and will remain one of Oki's most dedicated and knowledgeable Supplies and Spare Parts resellers in the country.

321 Printer Supply is here for you, always

Most of the 321 Printer Supply customer base has been buying Oki products from Jay Dunn for the last 10,20,30+ years! That longevity not only speaks to the lifespan and reliability of the Oki products but also, and maybe more importantly, to the quality of the relationships Jay Dunn has with his customers. Since 1989 (first with the years with Seneca Data/Arrow and now with 321 Printer Supply, LLC), Jay has been the trusted advisor to thousands of loyal customers. In return for that customer dedication, he has and will continue to provide those same customers with his product knowledge, honesty, integrity, and best possible pricing in the industry! View our supply listing

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1 Comment

Mar 02, 2023

Thanks for taking the time to contact your OKI clients. I retired in 2020 and haven't used my printer

since then. Recently thought of connecting to my Apple computer if compatible. Glad to know you are still there to help!

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